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Rt. Hon The Lord Navnit Dholakia and High Commissioners Officiate at LSME 2016 Convocation

Convocations 2016

Over two hundred people attended the Ceremony to witness the presentation of Diplomas and Special Awards to the Graduating students for the Diploma in Education and Training, the Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, the BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Health and Social Care and the BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business qualifications.

The event was honoured by the presence of The Rt Honorable The Lord Dholakia in the House of Lords as the Chief Guest with Lady Ann Dholakia, His Excellency Mr. Hassan Shifau – Deputy High Commissioner of the Republic of Maldives, His Excellency Mr. Jitoko Tikolevu – High Commissioner of Fiji, Mr. Thomas Chan – Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Redbridge, and other dignitaries.

A welcome address by the Principal of the College, Dr Sarita Parhi, congratulated the graduating class and members of staff of the institution for their outstanding efforts in supporting their learners during their academic journey.

In his keynote address, Lord Dholakia congratulated the graduating students for their achievement and praised the efforts of the academic staff and management of LSME for being hugely instrumental in guiding and molding the newly qualified graduates and for leaving an indelible legacy of achievement, professionalism and an ethos of transforming people with skills. H.E. Mr. Hassan Shifau reiterated the importance of perseverance and hard work and commended the Director and Principal including all staff of the institution for their astounding and relentless efforts. Dr Peter Gray paid tribute to the staff, Principal and Director of the College and advised the new graduates to embrace the need to be responsible in order to succeed in their career endeavors. Other speakers congratulated the newly qualified teachers and urged them to remain empowered by their achievement to reach out to others and challenge boundaries and obstacles that may stand in their way.

The successful graduates were conferred with their Diplomas. Special Awards were presented to outstanding graduates in recognition of their individual accomplishments throughout their study period and to student volunteers who participated in the organising and smooth running of the event.


Amie Badjie
(Student of the Year 2016)

The Student of the Year Award was presented to Amie Badjie for her commitment, self-motivation, excellent attendance and academic progress, excellent engagement with all staff and students, volunteering for College activities, and being a constant source of encouragement to his peers. Her award was presented by the Principal of the institution, Dr Sarita Parhi. In her appreciation, Amie Badjie confirmed her allegiance to the institution and indicated that the recognition has reinforced her belief that hard work is rewarding. She added that LSME has always been a source of inspiration to her as she strives for excellence in future endeavours.

The concluding remarks for the day were given by Dr Ravi Kumar, the Executive Director of LSME. In his remarks, he reiterated the achievement of the College in the last Academic Year particularly in the area of academic success and research. He also extended his sincere gratitude to all VIP guests, graduates and members of staff of LSME.

A reception and photography session was held after the Convocation. The atmosphere presented a unique opportunity for guests, graduates and students to interact with the dignitaries and the academic staff.

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