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LSME Signs MoU With MCM DAV Chandigarh India

With the main objective of enriching academic and research ecosystem through international collaborations, London School of Management Education (LSME) and Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh, India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 28 December 2019 in Chandigarh. Through this MoU, both the institutions envision to nurture the culture of Responsible Research and Innovations (RRI) that addresses issues affecting our everyday lives through research, innovations and raising awareness. The partnership will extend to expansion of academic and research networks, facilitation of academic exchange programmes for faculty development and joint teaching activities that focus on responsible leadership development through joint action. Both the Institutes agree to develop a result-oriented Action Plan for academic exchanges and development through workshops, seminars, conferences, panel discussions and visits. For encouraging effective dialogue and academic discussions, an online portal for both the institutions for exchange of information and ideas will also be set up. LSME Signs MoU With MCM DAV Chandigarh India.

“We are extremely delighted with the prospects of this exciting venture, that we are going to embark on with a great educational institute for women in North India”, said Dr Ravi Kumar, the Executive Director of LSME.

Principal of MCM DAV College, Dr Nisha Bhargava commented, “MCM DAV is committed to grooming global citizens with a futuristic outlook” and expressing her optimism said, “research and innovation as an important element of the academic environment of the College, singing this MoU with a prestigious institution like LSME will prove beneficial in furthering these endeavours”.

This is another international partnership that LSME has entered into, with the aim of furthering its research agenda and expanding its international outreach. LSME Signs MoU With MCM DAV Chandigarh India.

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