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The Mayor of Redbridge Launches Employability and Enterprise Hub!


In today’s world, an academic qualification alone does not guarantee a meaningful employment. You need to be armed with necessary skills, exposure to the industry and transferable skills to survive and thrive in the corporate world. You need to prepare yourself to a dynamic and evolving job market, especially following the changes that has taken place due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Fresh graduates struggle a lot, often become frustrated with the lack of employment opportunities, and eventually settle for unskilled job offers. Redbridge

In order to complete the cycle of learning it is important for the higher education providers to prepare the students for the changes in the job market and gear them towards specific market requirements.

Keeping this in mind, London School of Management Education (LSME) launched a dedicated Employability and Enterprise Hub (EEH). The Hub aims to enhance students’ entrepreneurship and enterprise skills and ready them to face the evolving job market. It would raise their aspiration and motivation to move into high skilled jobs or develop their own businesses upon completion of their studies.

Addressing the students, guests and lecturers, while opening the Hub the Mayor of Redbridge, Cllr Roy Emmet pointed out that the job market has become even tougher due to the two cohorts, which has come out during the Covid-19 lockdowns. The competition for every single job has increased and become more challenging. He encouraged the students, “not to be afraid to fall or take risks and the most important thing is how you pick yourself up to meet the next challenge.”

Talking at this event organised to launch the Hub, the Enterprise Manager of NatWest Bank said that, “a lot of changes has taken place in the ways businesses operate and how the community responds to it.” He continued that, “we need to prepare the graduates to quickly learn and adopt to this new dynamism and realising this the NatWest Bank extends support to young people to level up their enterprise and business skills to meet the demands of the market.”

Taking cues from his experiences, Geoffrey Hill, the former Chairperson of the Redbridge Chamber of Commerce, advised the students to gain the necessary skills through the LSME EEH and take advantage of the fresh new opportunities presented by the changes that has taken place due to the Covid-19.

The Executive Director of the College, Dr Ravi Kumar, promised that the College is committed in ensuring creating opportunities and avenues for every student during their academic journey to take up new transferable skills and prepare themselves or develop their business ideas. The Hub will work with the local business community and experts in the industry to facilitate students getting necessary direct exposure and hands on experience in time.

LSME students have shown great enthusiasm in taking part in the activities, which would prepare them to beat the competition in the job market.

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