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Trip to Margate Beach Resort in Kent


A day trip was organised on the 10/06/2016 to the Margate seaside resort. It is a traditional seaside town with sandy beaches and radiant bays in the district of Thanet in Kent, England. Trip to Margate Beach

The trip was attended by LSME students and staff and provided a unique opportunity to unwind and relax after months of intense academic expectations from both parties. At LSME we believe that taking time to focus on enjoyable leisure activities will keep our students’ minds at rest from the daily stress of education and family life and will make them more refreshed and focused on coursework at the appropriate time. Physical leisure activities, in addition to rejuvenating their minds, also help keep their bodies healthy.

The day was marked by fun-filled activities on the beach with competitive games and sports between staff and students, including a variety of ball games and quizzes. This event improved student interaction with staff and provided an opportunity to reinforce the cordial relationship that exists in the College.

Feedback received from the students about the trip was excellent and was highlighted by a majority of learners requesting more leisure trips in future.

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