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LSME Annual Convocation 2019

The London School of Management Education (LSME) graduates eligible students who are in good standing upon the successful completion of the requirements of their course of study as listed in the course handbooks. This offers students the opportunity to celebrate their achievement. Find out more about all you need to know before your graduation.


LSME graduation usually takes place in the month of September of each academic year.  The upcoming graduation event is scheduled for Friday 20th of September 2019. We only hold one ceremony on the day and any changes in this schedule will be communicated to prospective graduates in due course.



Every person who fulfils the requirements for completion of an awarded course of either Pearson or University of Chichester is eligible for formal conferral of the award by LSME. Successful course completion must be confirmed by the exam board after undergoing our internal quality assurance processes.

If you find that you have not successfully achieved an award in the graduation year, you will not be eligible to attend the ceremony. Students who are re-sitting will be eligible to attend once they have passed, or may defer their attendance to a future year subject to successfully completing the course.

Students who have successfully completed their course must also ensure payment of all tuition fee and additional charges levied on the students as confirmed by the Administration Department.

Students on academic or disciplinary probation are not eligible to graduate.


Invitations have been emailed from the Administration Office ( ) to all eligible students in the last week of July. This email also confirms the date, venue and time of the ceremony. Students should make sure to inform the Administration Office of any changes in their contact details including your personal email address, as they may not receive their invitation otherwise.

Any student that believes they are eligible to attend the ceremony but who have not received their invitation by the end of July should contact Admin via  with the following details: full name, student ID number, course, and current email address.

Registering your attendance

You must register in advance if you wish to attend. Please confirm your attendance by responding to the email invitation by mid-August.

Students who are not able to attend must still send their RSVP to the Administration office.


Eligible students may elect to have their award conferred without being present at an official ceremony, i.e. conferral in absentia.

Where an award is conferred in absentia, LSME will make arrangements for either the postal despatch or collection of the Certificate from the office.

The LSME will not automatically confer awards in absentia for students who do not respond to their invitation to attend a graduation ceremony.

Students who accept the invitation to attend a graduation ceremony, but then do not attend, will have their awards conferred in absentia at the conclusion of the ceremony unless the student contacts LSME to make alternative arrangements.

Where a student has passed away before conferral of their award, but had completed all the requirements for the award, the award will be conferred posthumously, either to a nominated representative of the deceased student’s estate, or in absentia.


Number of Guest

All students who wish to attend the ceremony are allowed a maximum of four guests and a payment of £35 per guest. This payment goes towards the meeting the cost of the Guest joining the graduation lunch provided on the day of the ceremony and the payment must be received within one week of confirmation of attendance.

Students who wish to bring more than four guests may apply to the Administration Office for approval of additional guests, which will be subject to availability of space.


LSME does not have a child care facility for the duration of the ceremony and will not admit children to the Ceremony.


Once invitations have been issued in July  and you have registered to attend, students, who studied with us who require visa support letters for their guests should contact  and attach a copy of their passport photo page and full names of those who require a visa.


You must wear a gown for your graduation ceremony. This must be the correct gown for your degree. You will not be able to graduate if you are not wearing the correct gown. Eligible students are required to contact the designated graduation gown service provider – Graduation Attire via the website link to arrange for their gowns and professional photography. The student will be responsible for all costs related to renting the gowns and for their personal photography.


What to expect

To find out what the graduation ceremony is like and what you will be expected to do, watch the short clip from the previous year’s ceremony. You will be sent the timetabled programme of events.

Venue and timetable

We will email all graduands with further instructions for the day approximately one week before the ceremony, please ensure you read through all the details.

The ceremony takes place at the Leonardo Royal London City Hotel, 8-14 Cooper’s Row, London EC3N 2BQ.

The nearest tube stations are Tower Bridge and Fenchurch street.  Parking facilities are not available at the venue.

The ceremony last for two to three hours after which all attendees are invited to a three course lunch provided by the Leonardo Royal London City Hotel.

Disabled access facilities are available at the venue and further information can be obtained via email from

Taking your own photographs and footage

You are able to take your own photographs or film during the ceremony. However, we ask that you do not obstruct the views of others and that you do so in a discrete manner as possible.

Mobile phones

All mobile phones should be set to silent during the ceremony.

Right to refuse entry

All students and guests must be seated by the time stated on the timetable for the day. Entry for students and guests is not possible once a ceremony has started.

We reserve the right to ask any person to leave the ceremony if they are being disruptive to the proceedings or to other guests.

We will not admit anyone without a ticket.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to a graduation ceremony.

Unforeseen circumstances

Although we aim to hold graduation ceremonies as advertised on this website, we reserve the right to make alterations if necessary. For instance, in the event of a serious disruption to public order, bad weather or other unforeseen situations.  In such situations in which it is likely the event will have to be cancelled or postponed, LSME will make every effort to contact you to let you know. We will also make every effort to publish information on our web pages and other suitable channels.


After your graduation, you automatically become members of the LSME alumni. For further information on the LSME Alumni and how to register, visit