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Local Governance and Development Post-Pandemic: Looking Beyond 2020

Covid-19 has brought us to witness the death toll across the world, beyond any in our generation. It has overwhelmed the best of the health care systems around the globe; crippled the strongest of the economies; challenged the political systems in many countries and confronted us with socio-psychological issues never experienced in our living history. Yet, the human race being one of the most resilient of beings, would bounce back. But how quickly and swiftly, we do that would depend, largely on the political systems and the individual countries’ leadership. Filtering that further down, a lot of heavy lifting has to be done by the local governments before reaching the people.

Many challenges are yet to come in the post-pandemic era, and how far-sighted we are, the amount of planning we do today and our preparedness will dictate the speed of growth and development in the days to come. Every challenge brings hope and opportunity for innovation and space for development.

In view of the challenges and opportunities that the Pandemic brought, London School of Management Education organised an online talk of Dr Greg Munro, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Local Governance Forum to provide a pan Commonwealth perspective on the challenges in major sectors, including politics in different countries and their innovations for the future on 25 January 2021 exclusively for Maldivian politicians and local government officials.

Dr Munro in his seminal talk brought in examples from across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean to tell the stories of resilience, innovations and achievements successful in dealing with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic at both national and local levels. While engaging the participants in the discussions, he alluded to the challenges ahead in a post-pandemic era; where new socio-economic norms, reverse migration would test the capacity of small communities, how urban centres and mega projects deal with the new realities etc. will start taking prominence amongst challenges in governance.

LSME targets to shed light on the life beyond the chaos of 2020 by bringing scholars, experts, thinkers and agents to talk on different topics through the lens ‘Looking Beyond 2020’.

Stay tuned for more on the theme!

Dr Greg Munro, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Local Governance Forum

Ikram Hassan MP, Maldives

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