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Dr Mahim Mendis
Professor Mahim Mendis, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), Sri Lanka.

When I worked closely with Dr Ravi Kumar as a member of the international team – Read More

Dr Bhagbanprakash
Dr Bhagbanprakash, Senior Adviser, Election Commission of India.

I have been watching the innovative educational strategies and approaches of the London School of Management Education with keen interest – Read More

Dr Rajan M Welikar
Dr Rajan M Welukar, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai, India.

In a multiple choice and channel society of today with complex career challenges, management learning has emerged as the new saviour. – Read More

Hassan Shifau
Hassan Shifau, Deputy Ambassador for the Embassy of Maldives in UK.

It is my profound privilege to be closely associated with LSME through these two young and fertile   – Read More

Professor Suresh K Sharma
Professor Suresh K Sharma, Department of Statistics, Panjab University, India.

It was really a great pleasure to visit London School of Management Education (LSME) during my visit to London in the month of May 2010 – Read More

Waqas Baig, Pearson, UK.

LSME is one of the Colleges in the UK where the pursuit of quality in all aspects of educational delivery is guaranteed. All the staff members have one thing in common: ‘to offer quality and – Read More

Dr Harmesh Kumar
Dr Harmesh Kumar, Licensed Psychologist, California, USA.

Founder and President, Therapeutic Residential Services Inc., a Private Corporation, USA, Founder and President, South Asian Behavioral Health and Training – Read More

James Cowlin Former RQM, Pearson, UK
James Cowlin, Former RQM, Pearson, UK.

Having worked with the LSME Senior Management Team to gain approval to deliver BTEC programmes their commitment to quality delivery  and student these two – Read More

Professor Margaret Solomon, Professor, Educational Leadership, La Sierra University, California, USA.

The 21st Century academic world is speeding up its globalization efforts through various educational avenues Read More


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