LSME is actively dedicated to building an expanding base for advancing educational research, practice and policy in the UK and beyond. Our focus for this initiative include the compelling need to develop research excellence to sustain our academic reputation and maximize our contribution to knowledge, skills and policy development that meet the educational needs of societies in the UK and abroad.

The institution strives to become a centre for multidisciplinary research in Education, Business and Health and Social Care through the development and evaluation of new and emerging research topics on tools and systems of delivery and policies in relation to the subject areas. Effective dissemination of our research findings through peer-reviewed scientific publications and delivery of advice on knowledge translation will raise the profile of LSME. It is our aspiration to build strategic partnerships to strengthen research interactions with Universities, businesses, local government and non-governmental organizations in UK and abroad. We also aim to nurture new researchers at the earliest stage of their career development and provide them with academic support on research development in collaboration with reputable professionals.

To date, this strategy is being achieved by providing a platform through International Conferences and Workshops to strengthen research capacities, educational capacities, information sharing and management and governance of educational institutions, as well as improve infrastructure development. These Conferences and Workshops enable delegates from diverse backgrounds to share their research and benefit from the plenary sessions. The majority of the Conference Committee members are internationally renowned researchers who are delighted to share their experiences with researchers at the early stage of their professional career development. Some emerging researchers from developing or underdeveloped countries, some of whom work at the grassroots levels have the opportunity to attend and present their research findings and to interact with other delegates to gain awareness of the current trend in research and become involved in collaborative efforts taking place in many parts of the world. Another key reason for organising these series of Conferences and Workshops is to enable scholarly discussions which enable delegates as well as LSME staff and students to benefit from the latest emerging research trends in Education which could be applied directly to their current practice. In addition to the knowledge transfer through the LSME Academic Team, a limited number of students at LSME have directly benefitted from the Conferences by participating as LSME Ambassadors. This will no doubt provide LSME’s students with some exposure to future opportunities, new cultures, and international perspectives.

In order to avoid the high costs of registering and maintaining journals, LSME is publishing the LSME Conference Report. This is a compilation of all Research Proceedings which is published on the website. Another compilation of full manuscripts presented at the Conference is published for dissemination in an open access (OA) research platform on the LSME website to facilitate the sharing of knowledge generated by the Conferences. This would prove invaluable to not only the Conference delegates but to the general public.

The institution is currently focusing on research development in line with the current theme of Responsible Research and Innovations.


LSME’s future research programmes are adopting the concept of Responsible Research and Innovations (RRI). This is a concept for better alignment of research and innovation with the values, needs, and expectations of key stakeholders particularly the society in which research is conducted. This process implies close cooperation between all the key players during research formulation and education, the definition of research agendas, access to research results and the application of new knowledge in full compliance with gender and ethical considerations.

LSME supports this shift in the evolution of research for the simple reason that it is perceived as a system for inclusive and sustainable growth for its educational research agenda. The challenge for the interaction between educational research and society is the need to nurture and support the collaboration required to conduct RRI with and for society in a systemic and sustainable way. This requires open debates and learning from each other along the lines of RRI while adhering to highest ethical standards.

In the light of this initiative, our 2016 Conference theme was Responsible Research in Education and Management. This theme is further extended to the 2017 International Conference. The institution has recently organised a workshop in association with Research Advantage Programme (RAP) and is currently developing collaborations for field research with highly reputable Universities.


– India Conference 2018
– London Conference 2017
– India Conference 2016
– Annual Conference January 2016
– Inaugural Conference January 2015
– Proceedings Report of Annual Conference – January 2016
– Proceedings Report of Inaugural Conference – January 2015


As part of the institution’s research agenda, training workshops are organised to introduce professionals to practical skills, techniques, and ideas required for an efficient implementation of research projects.

– Research Advantage Programme Workshop – April 2016

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