My HND journey at LSME was a unique and extraordinary experience, offering me the opportunity to develop my personality..… Read more


I love the HND programme!I think I’ve learned a lot about businesses .Will forever be grateful.… Read more


I’m very honest and straight to the point. I have chosen to study again with LSME, because is one of the best schools ..… Read more


At the beginning it was challenging, but learning is the best way to develop yourself. I was encouraged by the LSME team .… Read more


The experience @LSME helped me reshape and rebrand myself. My personality changed and I am thankful for this..… Read more


I have studied business management for 2 years at LSME, educating me on the multiple different aspects .… Read more


I would describe LSME as exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional..… Read more


My studies at LSME started 2 years ago with many emotions and confusion. During this 2 years’ time I managed to.… Read more


The collage overall is great, especially my course, the staff is absolutely amazing overall. The lectures, due to covid,-19 have..… Read more


I completed 2 years of Business HND course at London School of Management Education. During my studies I have.… Read more


I spent 2 years in LSME and it is a memory to cherish for a lifetime. I have enjoyed my student journey..… Read more


I have joined HND Business course at LSME, coming from another college and comparing the two, it is no doubt that LSME.… Read more


I came to this college with a big challenge and I couldn’t believe that I have successfully achieved ..… Read more

Mihaela T

I chose to study BSc Business Management at LSME as it offers a great deal of variety, in terms of the modules and provides an overview .… Read more


I had completed my Level 3 and joined LSME in the hope of progressing in my career. Toward the beginning of my course..… Read more


During my three years at LSME, I have acquired so much knowledge and understanding of the Healthcare sector. I did not have any.… Read more


My journey at LSME was a fantastic and memorable one in terms of academic life and social life, LSME helped me to develop my confidence..… Read more

Roseline K

I studied DET course at London School of Management Education from 2017-2018. I had a Care Agency before coming to LSME for nearly 8 years..… Read more


My experience in LSME has given me a chance to sharpen my skills and knowledge in Business Management. There have been, and always .… Read more


LSME was introduced to me by a friend. My growth rapidly expanded with several  opportunities presented by  accredited lecturers at LSME .… Read more

Carmen P

My journey at LSME started with a lot of emotions, as I was not confident enough and was worried that it will be very hard to carry on..… Read more


My aspiration to study Health and Social Care was rooted from the wish to help others. I strongly believe that good care should be available .… Read more“Dr Ravi Kumar”


My aspiration to study Health and Social Care was rooted from the wish to help others. I strongly believe that good care should be available .… Read more

Ibrahim Sheriff

As a student of Diploma in Education and Training (DET) April 2017 intake, my LSME experiences has been just amazing. .… Read more

Sunday A

My time at London School of Management Education, moving up my academic ladder has been a tremendously satisfying experience..… Read more


I always hoped that one day I will continue with my studies and when one of my friends recommended LSME I decided to visit the college. – … Read more


My name is Afolabi Dada. My previous degree was BSc Physics, coupled with my previous experience in managing my own business. I have just finished my DET course.… Read more“Afolabi Dada


Bernadette SooriyakumarI enrolled for the DTLLS programme in September this year. Though intensive, the course is very achievable. – … Read more“Bernadette-Sooriyakumar”


My name is Mrs Festa Chinasa Nwadike of DET January 2016 group. My enrolment at LSME in January 2016 as a DET student was a new beginning – … Read more“Festa Chinasa Nwadike”


When I first started at LSME, I was concerned about my ability to lectures and complete assignments to the best of my ability due – … Read more“Balasubramaniam-Ravindran”

In my years here I had the greatest time ever and made some of my best friends that I have. All the Tutors were amazing!!!. – … Read more“Sasiekala Subramaniam Santhuru

Initially chose the DTLLS course at LSME as I had a strong desire to know as much as possible in the field of education and I wanted to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher – … Read more“Diana-Nicoleta-Vienescu”


My experience of studying at LSME has brought about a positive change. I had discovered where my career path is and was given the opportunity … Read more“Zuvairia Mohamed Thajudeen”


I started the Pearson Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training with the aim of becoming a qualified teacher. The admission process was thorough. – … Read more“Charles Kutin Nuamah


I must express the value LSME brought to my life. Meeting deadlines was difficult, but with the help of my tutors I did it, and in doing so it  Read more“Anshu Sinha”


In my opinion, LSME has an organizational culture that strengthened my belief that no matter what my background is I am going to succeed  – … Read more“Cheryl Blaize”


My Journey at LSME started with a leaflet that was about to be posted through my letter box and after reading it, I immediately knew that I was going to pursue the DTLLS course. .… Read more“Carmeline-Awino-Odhiambo”


I am actually pleased to be part of a College where not only the lessons are of a high quality but also where equality and diversity are promoted.  – … Read more“Mulumba-Ntambwa”


I loved studying at LSME which provided a path and a gateway to my future. I learnt, I taught, and it built my character and allowed me to develop… Read more“Yvonne-Baribefe-Okwa-Eba”


I am a qualified Science teacher from India with an experience of about 20 years of which 15 years were of active teaching and 5 years..… Read more


My experience with this College has been wonderful and fantastic. The Director and principal have been very supportive and represent .… Read more“Eugene Appiah”


The success and achievements of LSME reflect in the quality of students it has produced over the years. As the saying goes, ”the proof… Read more“Darcy Omonefe Emakpose”


I enrolled for the DTLLS programme in September 2013. The induction day was very informative. I was introduced to all the staff – … Read more“Thanaluxy Thanabalasingham”


LSME is an amazing institution and a great place to attend professional courses mainly because it emphasizes excellence and sets you on the same path..… Read more

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