LSME is an amazing institution and a great place to attend professional courses mainly because it emphasizes excellence and sets you on the same path.

As a DET student, I received one of the best supports anyone could have. The lecturers and management always provided all the support anyone would need to be able to succeed. The facilities and resources are top-range and learners are always put into consideration and at the centre of everything.

It was a wonderful learning experience both within and outside of the classroom. The lecturers demonstrated great commitment and professionalism which I have learned to emulate in my practice.

The diverse backgrounds of the student population enabled me to make many friends and connect with others to further my professional development.

I appreciate the commitment of management to the provision of excellent professional courses. I will commend the director for his personal touch and the principal for always remembering the names of all students.

I have interacted with students from similar institutions and I can safely say that If you are interested in becoming a consummate education professional, LSME is the best place to start.

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