When I first started at LSME, I was concerned about my ability to lectures and complete assignments to the best of my ability due to the existing workload. Thankfully the College was able to provide me with two days of lectures which fitted in with my work timetable. The assignments were reasonably well paced and this also provided me with the opportunity to develop good assignments.

The course itself has helped me gain further knowledge on how to improve my business and handle my customers, making me stand out amongst my competitors locally and internationally. Everything that has been taught has helped me understand how to make my business successful, how to gain profit from my business, how to treat and work with fellow staff members and how to run a business under the government legislations which will benefit me in the future. I thank my lecturers for their friendly guidance and support throughout the course. As well as studying, I also enjoyed my time and the hospitality with all the multi-cultural students at LSME.

An emergency bypass surgery interrupted my studies. The lecturers, Director, Principal, staff and the fellow students were extremely supportive and caring during this time. They helped me get up to date with my assignments and lecture notes. The lecturers offered their own time to help me with the syllabus I missed and the staff made sure I was in a comfortable environment to learn. I am forever thankful to everyone at LSME for their cooperation and invaluable support they give to students in their quest to transform people with skills.

I wish you all the best with your untiring service to humanity.

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