My journey at LSME was a fantastic and memorable one in terms of academic life and social life, LSME helped me to develop my confidence.

Most of us, sometimes get carried away with the “glitter and glamour” which are the two main things that some of the big colleges have to offer but LSME is totally opposite of this, it is Small and Mighty, literally it is small in size but big in what it offers its students.

LSME invests in its academic staff, they ensure that they get the best in each academic fields, only the best is good enough for them and their students.

The lecturers are knowledgeable, my lecturer is one of a kind, she is a very efficient and never lets her students down, even if you send your coursework in the night and you are guaranteed to get a constructive response by the next day from her, it’s hard to fault her in any way.

She was very supportive of my learning and personal development. The rest of the academic staff are not lesser, they were all always on hand to support the students and their colleagues, the non-academic staff are equally pleasant, approachable and relentless in giving support to the students to help them excel in their chosen fields.

LSME in all puts students at the core of their academic activities and I can with all honesty recommend it based on my personal experience.

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