My name is Mrs Festa Chinasa Nwadike of DET January 2016 group. My enrolment at LSME in January 2016 as a DET student was a new beginning to a “turnaround” of what I already have.  As a graduate teacher from Nigeria who had left University and academic work for more than a decade, LSME was an inspiration that awakened my intellects. Here at LSME it wasn’t easy to adapt to my new responsibility of becoming a UK trained teacher, because of the challenges with confronting new learning styles and preferences as well as adapting to the use of technologies in education. However, I held the “bull by the horn”.  ICT was my biggest challenge but I insisted and dedicated myself to learning it with the support of my teachers. I accomplished this task through hard work by believing myself and using the “can do attitude” which is one of my greatest strength.  I will not forget the motivation from my teachers Shaivi and Adiela and some of my peers who always rendered their assistance even when it wasn’t conducive to do so.  My constant effort to achieve was improving by day because of the use of the school library books and mentoring by my lecturers which enabled me to meet deadlines and submit my work.

My knowledge and experience was a benefit for other students during my teaching practice. I mentored and tutored students on how to write assignment without plagiarising, how to research through the internet and how to structure their work in an acceptable format and standard.

I love teaching and writing especially about health matters. LSME availed me the opportunity to exhibit my proficiencies in that area while studying. I have developed myself in many areas of academics especially during my teaching practice with Shaivi and Dr Dolly whom I observed while she delivered professional and intellectual knowledge to Diploma students in Health and Social care, my subject area. Her intelligence got me highly motivated and her inspirations inculcated extra knowledge while shadowing and I became encouraged to apply for admission to complete and obtain my MSC health and social care.

I want to give thanks to God who made it possible for me to accomplish this training. I also thank the Director, the Principal, my lecturers, and all members of LSME staff for granting me the opportunity to render this testimonial. I feel privileged and honoured for this recognition. Today I am proud of all my achievements with the help of LSME and I am confident I will progress further in higher education because of LSME. Student support and perseverance is the key to success at LSME. Embrace it!

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