I studied DET course at London School of Management Education from 2017-2018. I had a Care Agency before coming to LSME for nearly 8 years. I was recommended by a friend to join LSME, because of the remarkable care and support her friends, who studied at LSME. This prompted me to enrol. Now I fully concur with what was said about the school; right from my enrolment and throughout my studies it was the place to be.

The atmosphere is serene, the teachers are well prepared in advance nothing takes them by surprise; even in an emergency they are calm and composed. The school Heads are very friendly and easily approachable and always with a smile.

The school motivates participation, transparency, responsiveness, accountability, inclusion and provides support to learners with challenges. 

How did I reach my goal? I came to LSME to expand my business to include a teaching centre, yes, this dream was achieved with the help of the school teachings, resources are more than adequate to aid any serious student. Timekeeping and class attendance were musts to comply, this enabled me to gain every knowledge and skill and the presentations we were engaged in built the confidence that I needed. As teachers, we were given the platform to learn, demonstrate and be involved in peer evaluations during our teachings. This is a real-life opportunity to practice what you were taught and then you were given constructive criticism and praised on achievements.

My time at LSME made me realise how easy my dream of opening a college was, that I not only own a Care Agency but by the time I finished my course at LSME, I also owned a College delivering Health and Social care courses of NVQ2/3 – all mandatory courses in HSC. I am very proud to associate myself with LSME and am available to give learners work placements whenever possible.

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