LSME recognises and values the diversity amongst its students, associates and staff. The organisation is therefore committed to the eradication of unlawful discrimination (both direct and indirect) including intimidation, prejudice, harassment and bullying and to the principle of creating equality of opportunity for all members in all its activities and is determined to ensure that this commitment is reflected in practice through its policies and procedures.

LSME expects that students, associates and staff, when acting on behalf of the organisation, will treat all people equally irrespective of their skin colour, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical disability, mental disability or appearance. Students, associates and staff expect to be treated fairly and not to be discriminated against either when dealing with each other or with other people who come into contact with the organisation.

Subject to the statutory provisions of the organisation, no member or employee will be treated less favourably than any other on the grounds of sex, marital or parental status, race ethnic or national origin, colour, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or religion. This policy ensures that staffs are treated wholly on the basis of their aptitudes, skills and abilities in relation to the requirements of the post. This applies to all aspects of employment including the recruitment and selection, probation, appraisal, staff development, promotion, redundancy, disciplinary or grievance procedures.

This policy ensures that students are admitted to study at the College in line with the Admissions Policy, based on merit, aptitude, ability and academic performance.

If any member or employee of the organisation or applicant for studentship or employment in the organisation considers that he or she has been treated less fairly than another in any of the aspects listed in the preceding paragraph, he or she may make a complaint, which will be dealt with through the organisation’s agreed procedures for complaints or grievances, as appropriate. See the complaints and Grievance policies and procedures for more information.

To implement this policy LSME will:

  • Embrace and value our diverse staff and student community as an essential element in enhancing LSME’s contribution to the education of its local community and surrounding areas.
  • Remain committed to fostering a supportive, enabling and inclusive environment, where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect, and where there is equality of opportunity for all regardless of characteristics or background.
  • Provide access to higher education to the disadvantaged individuals within our local communities.
  • Embed equality and diversity in mainstream activities from admission until the final qualification is awarded. This will include providing mandatory training and advice to staff and admission team on the importance of equality and diversity and in respect of subconscious bias with student and workforce recruitment and succession planning. This training will also facilitate the conducting of recruitment campaigns to attract a more diverse range of applicants as well as assist in the development of training materials appropriate for inclusive learning.
  • Provide individual needs assessments for applicants and students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and from disadvantaged background and encourage their participation, attainment and improve the overall outcomes for these students.
  • Ensure that support arrangements are in place at the entry and throughout their programmes of study for students with learning difficulties and / or disabilities which are both seen and unseen.
  • Provide reference in student and staff information on the Moodle platform to this policy which explain the position of the organisation in relation to discrimination on grounds sex, marital or parental status, race ethnic or national origin, colour, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or religion. This will increase knowledge and awareness of Equality and Diversity issues relating to staff and students and how to address these.
  • Develop partnerships to involve staff and students in promoting Equality and Diversity activities throughout the College. Student representatives can discuss issues surrounding the provision for students with disabilities in an open dialogue with staff and managers.

In addition, LSME is committed to monitoring its activities and functions to ensure equality of outcomes and to ensure that it complies with all current equality and diversity legislations.

To monitor the organisation’s Equal Opportunities Policy for students and staff, the organisation will:

  • review the Equal Opportunities Policy regularly and publish revisions as required;
  • collect and analyse information on Student Equal Opportunities annually and publish reports where appropriate;
  • monitor the operation of the policy by means of reports to Academic Board and to Senior management. All reports must include information on equal opportunity data analysed for the academic year and on training and how equality and diversity have been effectively embedded in the College activities throughout the year, and aim to comply fully with all relevant legislation and remain successful with our commitment to the Disability Confident Scheme.


Staff and Students

All staff and students have a responsibility for their own behaviour and actions. Everyone has a responsibility to support the right of all individuals and to maintain an environment in which discrimination is not tolerated.

Senior Management

Senior Management has a responsibility to ensure that staff and students are aware of this policy and their responsibilities. When trying to resolve any complaint of discrimination managers will seek to identify ways of dealing with issues through informal and formal channels as highlighted in the complaints procedures of the College.


Next Review Date: October 2020

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