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As an independent College, the London School of Management Education (LSME) relies on tuition fee payment to cover the cost of our operations. The fee for each course has been calculated by assessing the full cost to the College of providing teaching, taking into account building costs, materials, staff salaries etc. This policy refers to the payment of tuition fees to LSME and any subsequent refunds that may be applicable. It is designed to guide learners, their financial sponsors and the College senior management team who decide on appropriate fee rates with due regard for financial viability and market forces and aligned with the OfS approved fee cap conditions.

The College will use this policy and procedures to make certain that our operations regarding, the setting of fees, receipt of fees and any subsequent refunds are undertaken in a fair and standardised way.

Tuition Fee Policy

This sets out the responsibilities of the LSME senior management in setting appropriate fees and discounts.

1. General Guidance

  • The College revises or sets new tuition fees for each academic year. This information is published on our website within our programme documents.
  • Students will be notified of fee levels before enrolment, wherever possible.
  • Our tuition fees will include external body registration fees for some specific courses which are publicly funded but do not include meals obtained from the canteen, personal copies of textbooks, stationery and external trips.
  • In determining fee levels, the College will consider nationally published guidelines where these exist.
  • The College operates a common fee structure for all its courses but operates bursary/scholarship and fee remission schemes, which are approved from time to time by the Board of Directors and for which separate arrangements and procedures may apply.
  • In addition to the tuition fees, all students on funded programmes must pay a refundable amount during the admission process to cover the cost of registration with awarding organisations. This amount will be refunded after obtaining approval for funding and demonstrating a good level of commitment to the course.

2. Discounts

The College may reduce a tuition fee for a student subject to receiving such documentary evidence that it requires. Currently, the criteria to be satisfied in order to qualify for a reduction include those set out below:

a) Discounted tuition fee is available for self-funded students with an agreed payment plan. This will be based on merit.

b) A 100% fee waiver will apply to Foundation Year (Year 0) students who are enrolled because of their eligibility for the Access and Participation Strategy, with a low household income < £25,000 and are not in employment or education before their enrolment on the foundation year programme. Their registration fee will also be covered by LSME.

Note 1: Only one of the reductions specified above may be granted to a student in any given academic year.

Note 2: Students in receipt of any form of funding or support and are not eligible for Access and Participation admission condition are not entitled to discounted fees.

Note 3: The College reserves the right to amend the amount of any reduction and/or the qualifying criteria referred to above.

3. Non-completion Charges

The College operates the following policy with respect to non-completion charges.

UK/EU students who receive financial support from the Student Loans Company (SLC).

Students who withdraw or suspend their course will be charged a tuition fee based on their attendance on the course under the following scale:Withdrawal/suspension in Term 1 after 4 weeks of start date: 25% of the total tuition fee is charged; withdrawal/suspension in Term 2: 50% of the total tuition fee is charged; withdrawal/suspension in Term 3: 100% of the total tuition fee is charged.

Self-funded Students

Withdrawal/suspension in Term 1 after 4 weeks of start date: 100% of the total tuition fee is charged. Withdrawal/suspension after term 1: 100% of the total tuition fee is charged (please see terms and conditions of refunds under the Refund Policy).In exceptional circumstances beyond a student’s control that force them to withdraw from a course, such a student may request a review of the tuition fee charged. The College will review documentary evidence to be satisfied that the student is eligible for such entitlement.

4. Extra Charges

All students registering to repeat their studies are liable to pay tuition fees if they require additional tuition support. The amount charged will be based on the number of modules being repeated. Students who are capable of independent studies during their repeat year are not liable for additional fee payments.

Tuition Fee Payment Policy

The College will ensure the prompt collection of tuition fees due and will endeavour to develop and operate flexible procedures for the payment of fees to the benefit of students and the College.

  • Self-funded students who have been offered a course at LSME are required to pay at least 50% of the prescribed tuition fee for the first year before they are issued their Admission letter.  The student must show evidence of payment, and in situations where payment is made with a cheque or banker’s draft, it must clear before we process the admission document.  The remainder of the tuition fees must be paid either in full before the start of their course or via an Instalment Plan agreed with College.
  • UK/EU students who are eligible for SLC funding and have submitted a loan application to that effect can commence the course whilst awaiting final confirmation from the SLC.
  • UK/EU students who receive SLC funding must provide the necessary evidence (Payment Advice Slip) to the College as soon as their application is approved.
  • UK/EU students who are funded by the SLC but whose tuition fee loan does not cover the full cost of tuition must pay the remainder of the tuition fees either in full before the start of their course or via an Instalment Plan agreed with College.
  • UK/EU students in receipt of SLC funding who withdraw after 4 weeks of commencement prior to their fee being paid by the SLC will be personally liable for the tuition and registration fee for the period.
  • If a sponsor should fail to pay some or the entire tuition fee on behalf of a student, the student will become personally liable for payment of the outstanding amount. An instalment plan can be agreed to allow a flexible payment method.
  • All payments must be made to the College bank account with details as follows:
  • The following mode of payment will be accepted by LSME:
    a) Banker’s draft
    b) Cheque
    c) Personal internet transfers into the College bank account
    d) Bank to bank transfer
    e) Cash payment
  • LSME will take steps to ensure the payment of tuition fees is met, and the following sanctions may be applied if necessary;
    a) Withdrawal of e-library and Moodle Platform.
    b) Termination of enrolment and exclusion from the College plus Home Office notification in the case of non-EU students.
    c) Withholding certified transcript.
    d) Withholding final award certificate.
    e) Cancellation of student’s Oyster card.
    f) Refer students’ outstanding bills to external agencies to pursue payment and even seek payment through the courts if necessary.
    g) Any delays in tuition fee payment will attract an additional surcharge or the discount provided in the initial agreement will be waived.

Refund Policy and Procedure

Self-funded Students

To claim a refund of tuition fees, the student or sponsor must meet the following conditions:

  • Inform the admission team in writing of withdrawal from the course two weeks before and up to two weeks after the advertised start date of the course.
  • Complete and return the Refund Application form or formal request along with Student Card and other College property, including all original documentation issued by the College.
  • Fees paid in advance will be refunded in full if a student’s application is declined by LSME.

Students will NOT be eligible for a refund if:

  • It is discovered after enrolment that they used false information during the application. Such a student is liable to suspension or expulsion from the College.
  • The student has commenced the course for four weeks or more.
  • There is deferment for short periods ranging from 2 to 8 weeks in a term.
  • They are suspended or withdrawn from the College for any reason.

UK Public Funded Students

  • A student in receipt of SLC funding is not eligible to receive a refund from the College. In the event where their funding is withdrawn 2 weeks before course commencement or within 2 weeks of commencement and their funding has been received by the College, the arrangement will be made to refund the tuition fee in full to the SLC.
  • A refund will not apply if the student withdraws or is withdrawn after being on the course for up to 4 weeks or more.
  • A refund will not apply to deferments for short periods ranging from 2 to 8 weeks in a term.


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