Widening Access and Participation Statement



LSME is committed to widening participation and values the experience of its mature and diverse range of students enrolled in its higher education programmes. This philosophy is embedded within our mission of inspiring a global perspective in our educational provision and consideration for the inculcating the values of the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education. In practice, we aim to provide right environment, good quality facilities, innovation in teaching and learning to enable all learners, irrespective of their backgrounds, ethnicity, race, gender, age, disabilities and social status to develop to the best of their abilities and achieve social mobility that can sustain their local economy.


With our core business in Teacher Education, Health and Social Care and Business, we aim to be influential with widening access and participation by working directly with local and regional FE Colleges and communities within the boroughs we serve to attract disadvantaged younger learners, particularly those of Caucasian background.We also believe that our mature students bring a wealth of experience to the College and can crucially act as excellent role models for widening access participation of our specific target groups.


  1. Access: To provide appropriate support to the target groups within our catchment areas who are under-represented in our institution to progress in the long-term towards higher education. We will work with Job Centres, local Schools and FE Colleges to improve access to our programmes for individuals with protected characteristics. This will include a series of outreach events organised by LSME in Schools as well as in the local Job Centres to sensitise prospective learners to programmes available at LSME and to support their achievement in their respective Schools and Colleges. Taster sessions will be offered to applicants throughout the year so that they get the opportunity to attend the college in advance of enrolment and discuss any potential concerns or support needs. Applicants are also able to experience the welcoming environment and small class sizes.
    These activities will be financed by LSME.
  2. Entry, Retention, Progression and Employability: We will enhance learning experience for all individuals through the implementation of inclusive teaching and learning in partnership with students, potential employers and key members of the community. Our current retention and progression rate has been exemplary and it is our ambition to maintain or even improve this level for learners with protected characteristics. The College has a comprehensive student support mechanism. From the moment any prospective student considers joining the college they will be able to access support with: course information and enrolment, welfare and funding opportunities, career development, additional learning support. These services are provided by well-trained academic and non-academic staff including specialist staff to advise and support prospective HE students. The Admissions team provide IAG and support to complete application forms. The academic staff students on programme and into employment. They provide additional learning support for students, functional skills and basic study skills needs. Our welfare team for students comprises pastoral provision through tutorial programmes, Welfare Officer and Welfare and Pastoral Care Committee.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation: To ensure sustainability, we will respond to the changing needs of our target groups using regular monitoring and evaluation of strategies and feedback from all our learners and staff involved in widening access and participation activities.
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