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UN Principles for Responsible Management Education


LSME is proud to be a pioneer in our approach to Management Education. Since our inception in 2007, we have strived to provide superior development opportunities for all students, with an emphasis on practical skills for the real-world challenges faced by managers in the world of work. We are committed to advancing values of sustainability, responsibility, and ethics in teaching, research and thought leadership in all aspects of our work. We believe our results speak for themselves, the evidence being the significant contributions made by our ever-growing network of graduates, ready and able to take on stretching challenges in support of their organisations across the industry. UN Principles

Alongside our strategic commitment to the principles of Responsible Research and Innovations (RRI) in education and research (, in 2018, LSME joined the 800 leading business schools from 80 countries around the world which are aligned with the United Nations (UN) Principles for Responsible Management Education (UN PRME), and their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This has important implications for LSME and our stakeholders, including:

  • Our teaching staff are trained and supported to deliver the highest possible standards in education, with a continuous improvement and quality management orientation designed in to enable career and professional development (SDG 4). Naturally, our students benefit directly from this and enjoy teaching & learning support equal to that available in leading UK higher education institutions (HEIs).
  • LSME is committed to open and transparent recruitment and development practices for all staff, making decisions based on capability, experience and alignment with our core values in line with equality and diversity best practices (SDGs 4, 5 and 10). This means staff joining us are the best qualified, and optimally suited choices for the benefit of our organisation, our students and our communities of practice.
  • LSME provides opportunities for students, staff and external stakeholders to engage in career-positive, skills and knowledge enhancing, intellectually stretching yet collegial extra-curricular activities designed to enhance the personal and professional experience (SDGs 8, 9). Examples of this include our internationally renowned annual conference series, now in its 9th year) and our regular International Seminar and Symposium events featuring world-class contributors from academia and industry, which are open to all stakeholders for active participation.
  • LSME has always sought to build strong partnerships with class-leading organisations for the benefit of our mission to deliver the best educational outcomes for our students and to learn from the best-practice of acknowledged leaders in the field (SDGs 4, 8, 17). We understand implicitly that if we are to give our best, we need to learn from the best. We are proud of our track record of partnerships with some of the UK’s most successful and prominent educational institutions, such as the University of Chichester, and Pearson Education. On an international basis, we continue to build strong relationships with partners able to guide our wider global development and influence, such as Panjab University, Chandigarh, RA DAV College Mumbai, MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh, as well as regulatory guidance from the Office for Students (OfS), and the Quality Assurance Code for Higher Education in the UK.
  • LSME is embedded in our local community, providing employment opportunities not only for local people but also for academic staff, professional advisors and specialist support providers from across the UK. Our work and resultant opportunities for employment go well beyond conventional boundaries for an educational institution, building upon a confident and creative approach to innovation and seeking wherever possible to enshrine outcomes in permanent infrastructure (SDG 9). Examples include:
    • EE Hub – Our Employability and Enterprise Hub which has enabled many local businesses to build strong employment links with our student and alumni communities.
    • Our home campus in Gants Hill has evolved substantially into a prominent local landmark since our arrival in 2017. The campus development has created significant local benefits to the local economy, and we adopt innovative classroom management technology to ensure optimal utilisation of our facilities without compromising the student experience.

LSME continues to be open to new ideas, new challenges and new horizons in making management education a transformative and powerful agent for change in society.

UN Principles and SDGs

There are 17 UN SDGs – most relevant to LSME are:

  • SDG4 – Quality Education
  • SDG 5 – Gender Equality
  • SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • SDG 10 – Reduced Inequality
  • SDG 17 – Partnerships to Achieve the Goals





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