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Why Study @ London School of Management Education (LSME)

What LSME offers

London School of Management Education (LSME)
offers a distinctive, different, and positive alternative to higher education compared to the standard approach of many larger institutions. We believe our value-added approach brings out the best in our students, allows our staff to give their best to students, and is the difference that makes the difference to LSME students entering the world of work. Below are the 10 compelling reasons why we believe you should study with us!

1. High Quality and Affordable Education Focus

At LSME we offer some of the lowest rates in tuition fees compared to most educational institutions in London, without compromising on the quality of tuition and services we provide to students.

2. One-to-One Career Development Strategy

We offer one-to-one career advice to our learners, focusing on individual circumstances.

3. Inclusive Teaching Methods

LSME uses inclusive teaching methods which seek to eliminate biases that can potentially reduce effective learning. As our intakes can be very diverse, we offer a variety of delivery methods to promote active participation in the teaching & learning process. We use lectures, seminars, virtual learning and industry visits to ensure students are appropriately engaged.

4. Small Class Size / High Staff-Student Ratios

Unlike larger institutions, where group size can reach into the several hundreds, at LSME you will experience excellent direct interaction with teaching staff, due to small group sizes for seminars / workshops and group tutorials. Students are encouraged to seek direct feedback and support from the staff that teach them, and the use of Individual Learning Plans (ILP) from day one means your learning is tailored specifically to your needs.

5. UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) and Research Focus

As a Signatory PRME to the above initiative, LSME embeds sustainability in its curriculum and advocates for training of responsible and responsive leaders. We promote the development of research through active collaboration with the academic community both locally and internationally.

6. High Success Rate

LSME students achieve high rates of success in all courses because they are equipped with the necessary tools to produce good quality coursework. Our transferable/study skills courses include Harvard Referencing, Plagiarism, Academic Research, e-Learning Platform, Literacy and many more.

7. Functional Skills

We always embed functional skills in our lectures to equip our learners with the right terminology, English language, IT and Numeracy Skills required for their respective programmes.

8. Additional Learning Support

We offer our students additional support when required, particularly to those who may be lagging behind with their course work or who may be facing academic challenges.

9. Friendly Academic Environment

At LSME, our staff are friendly and very supportive, creating an academic environment based upon a culture of respect and openness. This culture encourages students to open up to discussions on both personal and academic related issues.

10. Student Welfare

LSME offers professional and confidential support to all students who may be experiencing personal difficulties relating to their general emotional state due to academic pressures, lack of motivation, coursework anxieties, family problems, or bereavement. Professional counselling can be arranged when necessary  to enable students talk openly about issues affecting them.


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