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College Policies

Equal Opportunity Policy

Anti-Harassment Policy

Disability Policy

Student Complaints Policy and Procedure

Tuition Fees, Payment and Refund Policy and Procedure

Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure

Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy

Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure

Safeguarding Policy

Prevent Duty Policy and Procedures

Code of Practice for the Approval and Conduct of Events

Freedom of Speech: Code of Practice

Acceptable Use of ICT Policy

Admissions and Enrolment Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Learning Support Policy and Procedure

Fair Use of Prayer Room Policy

Student Disciplinary Procedure: Non-Academic Misconduct

Moderation Policy and Procedure

Student Registration, Assignment Submission and Progression Policy and Procedure

Student Engagement Policy and Procedures

Student Withdrawal and Appeal Procedure

Application, Screening and Selection Process

Interruption and Voluntary Termination of Study Policy and Procedure

Resumption of Studies after a Period of Interruption, Voluntary Termination or Compulsory Withdrawal

Student Charter

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