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International Research Conference 2023

The 10th LSME International Research Conference on 'Responsible Research and Innovation: Education for All'

  • DATE: 25 – 26 October 2023LOCATION: Online (Hosted by LSME in London)

The 10th LSME International Conferences on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) was successfully hosted online for the third successive year on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th October 2023, hosted and managed by the London School of Management Education (LSME).

With a core theme of ‘Education for All’ derived from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG), the conference brought together a wide international array of participants around sub-themes of Education, Environmental Sciences and Management, Health Sciences, Sociology, Technology, and Pure Science and Human Rights. Topic areas within these sub-themes were spread around issues such as:

Topic areas we are particularly interested in (but not exclusively committed to) include:

  • Gender parity in education: prioritizing women and girls education
  • Barriers to education for marginalised or disadvantaged groups
  • Rise of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the education sector
  • The role of technology in supporting education for all
  • The problems and possibilities of rural schools
  • Adult education: widening access and participation
  • Lifelong learning
  • Postgraduate education and its challenges/universality of Postgraduate education
  • Rising cost of living and affordability of education
  • The role of textbooks in education: an under-developed resource?
  • Policy initiatives in education: progress or reproduction?
  • Assessment and social justice: pass or fail?
  • Intercultural issues in education
  • Sustainable development and climate change education
  • Global citizenship and education: the challenges of a volatile world
  • Inspiring young minds

The event, attended by over 160 delegates from twelve countries over the two days, featured keynote and special addresses from internationally renowned academics, senior leaders from prominent international agencies and invited dignitaries from the UK. Over 50 papers were delivered during streamed conference sessions including materials from early career researchers alongside contributions from seasoned academics and industry professionals.

The opening segment of the event was delivered using the well-established approach adopted in the series, featuring addresses from Conference Committee members, local (London-based) dignitaries and internationally renowned academics, each of whom set the scene for the elements to follow.

Keynote addresses were particularly pointed this year, addressing key challenges facing educators in delivering during times of considerable social and economic upheaval, and maintaining a clear focus on research that is both impactful and socially relevant.

International perspectives were set out by special guests from East and West, including the High Commissioner of St. Kits and Nevis (Caribbean), the Maldives and a special address direct from Nepal which reminded delegates of the universal nature of challenge to education for all whilst noting the particularly physical challenges associated with educating those in remote areas.

Feedback from conference sessions was universally positive, with a clear signal from that around the keynote and special lecture content to focus the parallel ‘International Seminar Series’ run by LSME on the challenge of building education capacity and coverage in the face of physical, economic and political adversity.

An announcement for the dates and theme for the next LSME International Conference was deferred until December, to allow for assimilation of feedback and contributions from the 10th Conference event. It is anticipated, however, that the next Conference will see a return to a full face-to-face delivery approach, which will bring the event back into alignment with the values and ethos of the overall series, which is intended to stimulate and facilitate debate between active researchers and their communities of interest across the developed and developing world.

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