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International Research Conference 2023

  • DATE: 25 – 26 October 2023LOCATION: Online (Hosted by LSME in London)

Call for Papers:  The 10th LSME Annual International Conference on ‘Education for All’

LSME is proud to announce the running of our 10th Annual International Conference on the 25th and 26th October 2023. The event will be delivered wholly online, via secure Zoom platform, and is aimed at participants from all parts of the globe looking for new and emergent ideas and insights into the global challenge of making ‘Education for All’ a reality rather than a slogan.

This year’s theme takes as its central tenet the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Education for All’, the principles and practices of which form the basis for delivery of our next generations into enlightenment and social mobility.

Participation is encouraged for researchers, delegates, observers, academics, practitioners and recipients of education at all levels. The main conference sessions will feature presentations from research-active colleagues from many nationalities and backgrounds, whose ideas and insights are the result of dedication to high standards and research excellence. Papers selected for presentation will be eligible for publication not just as conference proceedings, but also in full in the renowned Research Book produced by LSME following the conference. This represents an excellent opportunity for researchers, practitioners and academics at all levels from early career to seasoned professionals to gain access to a respected and widely acclaimed platform for sharing their ideas with a like minded audience hungry for new ideas.

Purpose of the 2023 Conference

We believe the education and enablement of future generations of researchers can facilitate positive changes in society. Hence we seek to encourage contributions from forward-thinking academics and practitioners and budding researchers who can benefit from our inclusive platform to be able to share their research-based insights in support of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal of Education for All.

Contributions are welcomed from all whose socially responsible research demonstrates real impact on communities and stakeholders. We support and encourage participation from seasoned and novice researchers, recognising the value of innovation and experience in generating research insights.

Topic areas we are particularly interested in (but not exclusively committed to) include:

  • Gender parity in education: prioritizing women and girls education
  • Barriers to education for marginalised or disadvantaged groups
  • Rise of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the education sector
  • The role of technology in supporting education for all
  • The problems and possibilities of rural schools
  • Adult education: widening access and participation
  • Life-long learning
  • Postgraduate education and its challenges/universality of Postgraduate education
  • Rising cost of living and affordability of education
  • The role of textbooks in education: an under-developed resource?
  • Policy initiatives in education: progress or reproduction?
  • Assessment and social justice: pass or fail?
  • Intercultural issues in education
  • Sustainable development and climate change education
  • Global citizenship and education: the challenges of a volatile world
  • Inspiring young minds

We are looking for interested researchers and academics submit a brief outline/abstract of your proposed contribution (guidelines below) with a view to full participation and delivery of a conference paper for publication in the LSME 2023 Conference Proceedings Booklet. This is an excellent opportunity for early career academics and practitioners to gain profile and prominence in an internationally celebrated and rapidly growing and inclusive research community. All contributions are peer-reviewed and considered on merit for inclusion in the conference.

Conference Registration and Brochure

Further details on key dates, registration process, abstract specification and submission guidelines can be found in the brochure available HERE.

Our initial focus is upon building a community of like-minded research practitioners and academic professionals willing to share their ideas, in summary format via abstracts of potential papers.

Once we have established the broad scope of contributions to the overall conference theme, we will make further arrangements for delegates and other stakeholders to take part in the conference events.

For now, please feel free to register your interest in attending the conference by clicking through this link, and letting us know your preferences for taking part either as a delegate, presenting a paper, adding your voice as a potential keynote or special guest speaker.

If you have any queries, please contact us at

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing Research Community!

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