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LSME is working in partnership with

University of Chichester

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At LSME, our number one mission is to provide innovative and high quality training for aspiring and practising managers. This is supported by the quality of our staff, our facilities and our partnership arrangement with the University of Chichester.

The University of Chichester is a modern and highly reputable public university located in West Sussex with a distinguished history and a long and proud heritage that goes back to 1840. The university is a beacon of good practice for high quality enriched by its population of students and staff from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Our partnership with the University of Chichester is based on our shared ambition to advance knowledge that would be beneficial at the local and international level, using a student-centred approach in the context of a supportive learning environment. We also share a mutual understanding and commitment to equality of opportunity for all individuals with the ability to study regardless of age, ethnicity, disability or family background.


Under this partnership agreement, LSME is proud to develop all the relevant academic curricula for all its Undergraduate and Postgraduate and oversee all teaching, learning and student experience in its London based campuses.

The University of Chichester on the other hand validates all our designed programmes, ensures they are delivered and assessed in line with their academic quality standards and approves and awards degrees to all deserving students.



Master of Business Administration (MBA)




Master of Education (MEd)



Students who enrol on our Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes are assured of a valuable and recognised qualification that prepares them for employment and transforms them into individuals with a passion for self-learning and exploration, are lifelong learners and have high levels of satisfaction and well-being.

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