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Statement for HESA Data Collection

Data Collection


The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) collects a range of data on students, courses, qualifications, graduate outcomes, staff, institution’s profile and financial support given to learners every year for publication as official statistics and for UK governments and higher education funding bodies in support of their work in regulating and providing funds for higher education. The data collected as part of the Student record is used extensively by various stakeholders and is fundamental in the formulation of Funding, Performance Indicators, Publications (including UNISTATS) and League Tables.

Published information may be used by a wide range of organisations and individuals including Higher Education Providers (HEPs), academic researchers, students, prospective students, private companies, professional bodies, the press and media for different purposes.

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The Student Record is collected in respect of all students registered on courses that lead to the award of a qualification. It includes individualised data about active students during the reporting period. A wide range of data items are collected, including the student’s entry profile and personal characteristics, module and course level data, funding information and qualifications awarded.

The Graduate Outcomes record includes a survey of graduates around 15 months after they complete their studies. To undertake this survey, LSME will need to return accurate and comprehensive contact details for all of its graduates who fall into the target population.

The Staff Record collects individualised data on the personal characteristics of staff, the details of their contracts, and the activities undertaken as a result of those contracts.

This is a legal requirement and all users of the HESA information will comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. Students and staff should note that any sensitive information provided to HESA will be in accordance with the College’s Data Protection Policy and will not be used to identify the individual or make specific decisions about them.


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