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Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Student Engagement is embedded in operating practices and systems within the institution. LSME creates an atmosphere and culture that offers a wide range of opportunities for students, to allow learners of all types and abilities the chance to get involved in College life and to play an active role in shaping their own future and that of the College. For this, we work in partnership to provide the best experience for all our students.

Our students have the opportunity to engage in their own academic and personal learning and are viewed as key partners in our operational processes and approaches. This is achieved by developing a positive culture where students are involved in decisions which affect them and the quality of their learning. The College makes it a point to obtain feedback from students on issues relating to admission, induction and study skills, teaching and learning quality, resources and the quality of career guidance information provided. Students are also encouraged to develop a range of opportunities for networking and engagement with their peers for both learning and social purposes.

The use of Student Representatives is an effective method of highlighting broad issues relating to enhancing the student experience. Representatives are elected and are subsequently supported to be at the heart of student engagement and experience. They hold regular student class meetings and departmental meetings. Once a term, representatives hold an inter-class student representative meeting and nominate designated representatives to attend the staff meeting. Thus, presenting a unique opportunity for the voice of our learners to be heard both at the departmental level and on a College-wide scale to ensure that representatives are involved in key College decision making processes identified as part of the remit of their role.

The management of the institution makes use of the information received from students by reviewing their feedback reports from various surveys and suggestion boxes. Our students’ voice has contributed to many enhancement activities.

Our students are key members of the decision-making committees including the Programme Boards, Academic Board, Board of Governors, Student Welfare and the Complaint Handling Committees.

Our students are true ambassadors of the institution as they are offered the opportunity to attend our international conferences as representatives of the College. The College also engages them through the introduction of social and recreational events organised and attended by staff and students alike. We continue to further develop the range of opportunities available for students to become involved in quality arrangements and processes within the College including areas such as self-evaluation, and course review and approval.



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