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Transparency Information

Transparency Returns

Transparency 2023 Information

The 2023 Transparency Information is generated by the OfS from the Signed-off HESA 2021-22 Student Alternative Record and shows the number of students in our cohorts who have completed their studies with us in the 2021-22 Academic Year. This attainment data has been stratified by Gender, Ethnicity and the English Indices of Multiple Deprivation (EIMD) as a measure of socio-economic status. EIMD Quintile 1 represents the most deprived whereas EIMD Quintile 5 is the least deprived. The information relates to parts of condition F1 (section 9(2) (e) and 9(3) of HERA) on the number of students who attained a particular degree or other academic award on completion of their course with the provider in relation to their gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic background.

The data contained in the tables in the Workbook have been rounded and suppressed as follows:

  • Numerators and denominators have been rounded to the nearest 10.
  • If numerator and denominators in certain strata are 20 or less, the data are suppressed with an ‘N’.

Percentages are rounded according to the smallest, unsuppressed denominator in a given mode and characteristic. If the denominator rounds to:

  • 50 or less: percentages are rounded to 5%
  • 1000 or less: percentages are rounded to 1%
  • More than 1000: percentages are rounded to 0.1%

‘N/A’ is used when the provision was not available in the 2021-22 Academic Year.

‘DP’ is used when information is supressed for data protection reason when the numerator is 2 or less, or differs from the denominator by no more than two students.


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