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Level 4 HNC and Level 5 HND in Business (RQF)

September, January, AprilLevel 4 HNC: 1 Year (Full-time)
Level 5 HND: 2 Years (Full-time)
The qualifications are awarded by Pearson Education.The final certificate is issued by Pearson Education to successful student.£7000 per year
September, January, April
Level 4 HNC: 1 Year (Full-time)
Level 5 HND: 2 Years (Full-time)
The qualifications are awarded by Pearson Education.
The final certificate is issued by Pearson Education to successful student.
£7000 per year

Course Overview

The Pearson BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC) Level 4 and Higher National Diploma (HND) Level 5 Qualifications, delivered by the London School of Management Education are useful for students who want to develop their skills and knowledge in Business and are aimed at students wanting to continue their education through applied learning.

  • Higher Nationals provide a wide-range study of the business courses sector and are designed for students who wish to pursue or advance their career in business. In addition to the knowledge, understanding and skills that underpin the study of the business management sector.
  • The Level 4 (HNC) and Level 5 (HND) in Business courses also gives students experience of the breadth and depth of the sector that will prepare them for further studies or training.

Course Information

Course Aims / Objectives

The objectives of the BTEC Higher Nationals in Business are as follows:

  • To enable learners to develop their skills and understanding in various areas relevant to Business such as management, human resources, marketing, international marketing and finance.
  • To enable learners to better understand the issues involved in dealing with culturally diverse organisations.
  • To provide the learners with opportunities to develop their employability skills.
  • To give the learners the opportunity to re start their academic development towards higher qualifications.
  • To provide education and training for a range of careers in business, including management, administration, human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance.
  • To support learners to achieve their learning objectives by meeting any learning need that they may have.

Entry Requirements

Students who wish to undertake this Pearson BTEC HND Level 4/5 should have:

  • A minimum of BTEC level 3 qualification in Business.
  • A GCE Advanced Level profile that demonstrates strong performance in a relevant subject or adequate performance in more than one GCE subject. This profile is likely to be supported by GCSE grades at A* to C (or equivalent).
  • Other related level 3 qualifications  including T Level qualifications.
  • The student must be at least 18 years of age and should also pass an initial assessment test (Level 1 in literacy and numeracy with in-depth proficiency in academic writing) at LSME.

English Proficiency

The entire HND / HNC Business management programme is taught in English and students must demonstrate their ability to speak and write in English proficiently. Applicants whose primary qualification was obtained in a non-English speaking country may also achieve an English test such as IELTS 5.5 or other equivalent tests as defined by regulators.

Course Structure

The course structure for this  BTEC Levels 4/5 HNC/HND programme delivered by the London School of Management Education aligns with Pearson’s specifications as follows:

The BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC) qualification is made up of 120 credits. It is usually studied full-time over one year. The student will need to complete all the units under this requirement to attain the Level 4 (HNC) qualification.

The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a Level 5 qualification made up of 240 credits. It is usually studied full-time. To achieve the HND in Business qualification, the learner must complete all the units for the level 4 (HNC) and Level 5 (HND) business units shown in the tables below as core and selected specialist units/optional units.


Year 1 – Level 4 HNC

Unit 1: Business and the Business Environment

The Business and the Business Environment unit aims to equip the London School of Management Education learners with background knowledge and an understanding of business. To understand how business organisations operate, students undertaking the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business programme will be taught about the legalities, types and functions of a business organisation in a global context.

Unit 2: Marketing Processes and Planning          

This unit  for  the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business programme introduces fundamental marketing principles, enabling learners to develop a marketing plan and employ marketing mix elements to achieve results. Students undertaking the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business programme will be able to gain the underpinning theories and frameworks of marketing while relating them to real-world examples, including products/services that they encounter in their daily lives

Unit 3: Human Resource Management 

This unit will enable learners undertaking the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business to gain an understanding of how to apply HR practices in a work-related context, utilising your knowledge and practising skills and behaviours in relevant professional areas, including resourcing, talent planning and recruitment, learning and development and employee engagement

Unit 4: Leadership and Management    

In this unit, students undertaking the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business  will be able to learn about theories that have shaped the understanding of leadership and management and how these have provided a guide to action for managers and leaders who want to secure success for their businesses.

Unit 5: Accounting Principles

This BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business unit will allow students to understand the fundamental accounting principles that underpin financial operations and support excellent and sustainable decision-making in any organisation.

Unit 6: Managing a Successful Business Project

This unit’s successful completion will give students undertaking the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business  the confidence to engage in decision-making, problem-solving and research activities using project management skills. In addition, these fundamental skills enable learners to investigate and examine relevant business concepts within a work-related context, determine appropriate outcomes, decisions or solutions and present evidence to various stakeholders in an acceptable and understandable format.

Unit 7: Business Law

This HNC in Business unit would help to enhance students’ understanding of how business law is applied to the running of a company. The experience gained in this unit will help students better understand the different areas of law that apply to normal business operations.

Unit 9: Entrepreneurial Ventures

This unit will help develop students’ entrepreneurial mindsets that can contribute to all businesses, whether a new business start-up or existing public and corporate organisations. Students  undertaking the BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business at the London School of Management Education will explore the skills, traits and characteristics of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

Year 2 – Level 5 HND

Unit 20: Organisational Behaviour

This BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business unit would help students develop a range of transferable skills and knowledge. This includes core people management skills used to achieve positive organisational outcomes and create value by recognising individual differences, team working and creating inclusive organisational cultures.

Unit 27: Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities

This unit is to give students undertaking the BTEC HND in Business programme knowledge on the role of the entrepreneur and how to weigh up opportunities, threats and personal skills, and abilities to translate an opportunity into a business idea. The unit will support the exploration of concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship and development of creativity.

Unit 31: Employee Relations

This unit is to develop students’ understanding of the wider external context that influences the employment relationship and priorities in the employee relations system. Students will recognise that good employee relations have implications beyond the employment contract. Aspects such as communication mechanisms and conflict management are important in building and maintaining positive employee experiences, effective relationships and higher performance levels.

Unit 43: Business Strategy

This unit provides the London School of Management Education students undertaking the BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business with an understanding and awareness of different kinds of business strategies which could be used in an organisation’s operational, tactical or strategic role. This will be underpinned by a thorough knowledge and understanding of the theories, models and concepts which could significantly support an organisation’s strategic choice and direction.  

Unit 46: Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations

This HND in Business unit is designed to help students understand the difference between a manager’s function and a leader’s role. Students will consider the characteristics, behaviours and traits which support effective management and leadership. In addition, this unit will introduce the concept of operations as both a function and a process that all organisations must adopt to conduct business.

Unit 56: Tapping into New and International Markets

In today’s global environment, organisations constantly look for new ways to expand internationally. The unit will provide students undertaking the BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business with the key tools and techniques to aid organisations in evaluating whether they should tap into international markets and assess their implications. Through this unit, students will explore how organisations are able to move into international markets, assessing the opportunities and threats of them doing so.

Unit 19: Research Project

The unit aims to offer students with the opportunity to engage in sustained research in a specific field of study. The unit enables you to demonstrate the capacity and ability to identify a research topic within the selected theme, develop research aims, objectives and outcomes, and present such research outcomes in both written and verbal formats. The unit also encourages you to reflect on your engagement in the research process, during which recommendations for future personal development are key learning points.

Course Duration

The duration for this Level 4 HNC and Level 5 HND in Business course is two years.

HNC: One Year

Students must complete eight units to get this qualification: six core and two optional units.

HND: Two Years

On successful completion of the Pearson BTEC HNC Programme, students will then move on to the Pearson BTEC HND in Business level 5. They will then have to complete seven units at level 5 specifically chosen by the London School of Management Education to obtain the full HND in Business Qualification. The seven units have two core and five optional units.

Mode of Delivery

The Pearson HND Business delivery includes; lectures, face-to-face training days, one to one tutorials, discussions, case study discussions, research work, group work, among others. All students will be guided at every step towards achieving their goals.

Students undertaking the BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business programme will be assessed using centre devised written assignments/ reports, presentations, both individual and group.


In order to make the assessment as fair as possible, a system of moderation has been put in place. The London School of Management Education (LSME) undertakes stringent assessment activities and internal moderation, whilst Pearson periodically undertakes external moderation exercises. The final results are then presented to the London School of Management Education’s Board of Examiners for final approval. The final grades are then entered on the Pearson portal for final certification.

Post Qualification

On successful completion of the Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business, students can develop their careers in the business sector through entering employment, continuing existing employment, linking with the appropriate professional body, committing to continuing professional development (CPD) and progressing to University.

The level 5 Higher National Diploma is recognised by Higher Education providers as meeting admission requirements to many relevant business-related courses to obtain a top-up bachelor’s degree, for example:

  • BSc (Hons) in Business and Management 
  • BA and BSc (Hons) in Business Studies 
  • BSc (Hons) in International Management

NB: The College reserves the right not to run this programme if less than 15 students are recruited.


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