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Inaugural Conference January 2015

Inaugural Conference January 2015

International Conference on 'Quality Management in Education'

  • DATE: January 2015 LOCATION:

Quality management in education which should be comprehensive and applied to all aspects of the operations of an institution is a dynamic process that evolves over the years and has a decisive influence on individuals, institutions, nations and international bodies. An investment in human resource capacity in quality education is therefore linked to the achievement of overall quality by creating mechanisms for fulfilling expectations of educational institutions and their stakeholders. This conference deliberated on common indicators of good quality education such as the quality of management strategies in ensuring:

  1. The recruitment and development of motivated and highly skilled personnel;
  2. Appropriate funding for the institutions’ programmes;
  3. The appointment of motivated and skilled heads of institutions who set and manage academic standards; and
  4. Availability of appropriate learning resources for face-to-face and distance learning programmes.

The conference also focused on factors affecting compulsory and post-compulsory education (including Management, Teacher Training, Health and Technical Education) such as:

a) Availability of contingency arrangements for mitigating factors such as civil  unrest and industrial actions, in order to promote continuity of education;
b) Commitment to Education at the national, institutional and individual (parental in the case of schools) levels.

The following areas of quality management in education were focused upon during the conference:

  1. School Education
  2. Higher Education
  3. Management in Education
  4. Teacher Education
  5. Medical Education
  6. Technical Education

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