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Online Diploma

Online Diploma in Management

Year-round enrolment.
Contact LSME for schedule.
12 WeeksUniversity of ChichesterThe final certificate is jointly awarded by the University of Chichester & LSME to successful students.Contact LSME for details.
Year-round enrolment.
Contact LSME for schedule.
12 Weeks
University of Chichester
The final certificate is jointly awarded by the University of Chichester & LSME to successful students.
Contact LSME for details.

Course Overview

Diploma in Management

The Diploma in Management course is an online course designed for the first-line managers or those already in post and requires an upward boost in their progression within the organisation. The course was originally developed for high-octane organisations and corporate houses in the UK and subsequently has been used by over 50 ‘blue chip’ UK organisations in both the public and private sectors. A comprehensive training manual, specially developed for the programme providing in-depth coverage of the course content as well as case studies, examples, developmental activities and self-assessment tests, supports each of the three modules in the programme.

  • Programme Delivery: The course is delivered online over a period of 12 weeks. The mode of delivery will be mostly online interactive workshops conducted by lecturers based in the UK. In addition to the workshops, the course tutors will post further readings, case studies, topics for debate amongst the participants and provide feedback. In addition to learning materials, the manuals include information on assessments. Online learning provides greater flexibility than traditional face-to-face teaching allowing participants to follow the programme at time and pace that suit themselves. This course has been designed as a collaborative learning project with the participants encouraged to share their experiences and learning from each other.
  • Graduation and the Award of the Diploma: The successful completion of the assessments will lead to the award of a Diploma endorsed by the University of Chichester, UK. The University of Chichester was recently ranked in the top 30 of UK universities. The graduation ceremony and further networking sessions will be held in London.
  • Further information: For further information, including course fees and the Programme schedule please contact
  • International Partner organisations:Below are the addresses and links to the international partner organisations, coordinating the enrolment and support locally in some countries. Please contact them for further details and the programme schedule.


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