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Prospective Students

Prospective Students

General Information For Prospective Students of London School of Management Education:

London School Of Management Education (LSME) is open throughout the year and provides a friendly learning environment, a sound academic structure, and a relaxed social atmosphere.

We have a wide range of study programs available that vary in duration from a few weeks to four academic years.

Applications are welcome from local (UK/EU) and international students.

If you have found a course that you believe will be perfect for your future career aspirations, why not apply online? On the other hand, you can speak to our friendly admission team in person by arranging a visit to the College, on the phone, or simply by sending us an email with any questions and we will answer your queries as soon as possible.

Information for Prospective Students of LSME Under CoronaVirus (COVID-19)

Delivery and Assessment

All lessons and student support are conducted onsite after all COVID restrictions were eased. This mode of delivery will continue in September 2022 and beyond. Online sessions are only permitted under very strict and exceptional circumstances as per the needs of individual students. Our mode of assessment, assessment schedules and curriculum content are published in the course information page on the website.

Support Services

– The Administration Department is accessible to all students via email on Prospective students of LSME can use this service to discuss any issues or enquire directly from the reception via the telephone or face-to-face.

– Counselling and advice services for students who need additional support and help to overcome their problematic situations will take place using confidential online or onsite meetings. Email requests for this service can be made through

– Mental health and well-being are provided regularly. Additional materials for these services can be found on the Virtual Learning Environment.


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